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Carrying on a tradition of exceeding ALL expectations, Tecnocraft is proud to finally release our latest creation… a creation that embodies all the heart and spirit of the creative team here at Tecnocraft. This latest creation is the T2 line of Dry Carbon Seats. Spine formed to the back side of a normal torso, the Tecnocraft T2 line of seats is about as comfortable as it gets. There were no shortcuts made to get where we are today. Designing of this seat was out of necessity because the marketplace started to demand a more comfortable seat. Compared to the Tecnocraft T1, we shortened the lower thigh supports to allow a more comfortable entry/exit and added more support to the upper torso because it was needed.

Carbon FiberCarbon Kevlar

Fiber             Kevlar

With over 25 years of professional race car composite fabrication experience, we have been building one-off race seats for quite some time. Using all the technology that we have developed throughout the years, we have applied it to the Tecnocraft T2 line of seats. A totally new designed seat that’s a bit more forgiving and also more supportive than the Tecnocraft T1. We are offering the T2 seats in a standard version for the average body build and a larger version for the heavier set guys, the larger version will be known as the T2L. The Tecnocraft T2 is approx. 7.5lbs(3.4kgs) and the T2L is approx. 8lbs(3.6kgs).

The Tecnocraft T2 line of seats is constructed entirely of carbon fiber and/or carbon kevlar with aerospace-grade stiffeners, reinforcements and the latest epoxy resins to obtain the lightest weight and yield the highest strength possible. We also incorporated a certain reinforcement material known as Vectran®. Vectran is a liquid crystal polymer fiber that is primarily used in aerospace and military where high strength is desired. Using the best material available is how Tecnocraft can excel and produce a high-quality seat that’s both strong and light.

Given all the professional race technology and aerospace-grade materials we have incorporated into the Tecnocraft T2 line, we are able to offer the strongest and lightest dry carbon fiber seats to the market. Given the fact that we have been commissioned to build one-off seats for quite some time now, designing and creating the T2 was a fairly easy task here at Tecnocraft.

- Carbon Fiber Front / Carbon Fiber Back
- Carbon Fiber Front / Carbon Kevlar Back
- Carbon Kevlar Front / Carbon Kevlar Back
- Optional 3 piece seat pads (similar to the T1 seats)
- Weight: Approx. 7.5lbs(3.2kgs)

- Tecnocraft Seat Washer and Spacer Kit
- Tecnocraft Seat Side Mount Brackets Set - Aluminum
- Universal Seat Slider - Flat Type (per side)



Seat pads are available in both Black and Red Ultrasuede. Red is a Special ordered color).

SHIPPING NOTE:  Freight service required. Seats are unable to ship via USPS and UPS. Tecnocraft representatives will call you for the shipping estimate depending on the location.