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Continuing on the successes of the T2 line of seats, Tecnocraft is proud to introduce a chassis specific seat that was purposefully design with a lot of emphasis on comfort and safety as well as strength and weight reduction. This new seat is known as the Tecnocraft T3 line of seats (Lotus 111 platform specific). I doubt if you can find a more comfortable drop in replacement seat for your Lotus Elise, Exige, or Tesla roadster.

Carbon FiberCarbon Kevlar

Fiber             Kevlar

The Tecnocraft T3 line of seat requires nothing more than simple hand tools to install. It utilizes the factory seat rails and hardware for that simply brilliant concept known as plug and play! There are no cutting, tucking, or replacing of the factory brackets or sliders. What it takes to install the Tecnocraft T3 seat into a 111 platform is simply to remove your OE seat assembly and replacing the factory seat with the T3. Plug the new assembly back in and go out and play as you desire with the most comfortable feel which truly redefines the “driving experience” that we all crave so much.

Designed with the same basic principles as our T2 line of seats, the Tecnocraft T3 is spine formed to backside of a normal torso and grafted into a double skinned Dry carbon seat shell. Using the latest aerospace materials combined with over 25 years of professional race car composite fabrication experience, we are able to produce a high quality seat specifically for the Lotus 111 platform. The Tecnocraft T3 seat weighs approx. 6.0lbs(2.73kgs).

Just like the Tecnocraft T2 line of seats, the T3 line of seats are also constructed entirely of carbon fiber and/or carbon Kevlar with aerospace grade stiffeners, reinforcements and the latest epoxy resins to obtain the lightest weight and yield the highest strength possible. We also incorporated a certain reinforcement material known as Vectran®. Vectran is a liquid crystal polymer fiber that is primarily used in aerospace and military where high strength is desired. Using the best material available is how Tecnocraft can excel and produce a high quality seat that’s both strong and light.

Given all the professional race technology and aerospace grade materials we have incorporated into the Tecnocraft T2 and T3 line of seats, we are able to offer the strongest and lightest dry carbon fiber seats to the market. Given the fact that we have been commissioned to build one off seats for quite some time now, designing and creating the T3 line of seats was very gratifying for all of us here at Tecnocraft.


- Spine formed for the ultimate in comfort
- 100% Dry Carbon Fiber/epoxy construction
- Utilizes factory “111” platform mounts/brackets/seat belts/hardware
- Ultra-light construction using Tecnocraft Dry Carbon mfg. technology
- 100% made in the USA here at Tecnocraft
- HANS device compatible( 3.0” spacing between the shoulder belt pockets)
- Additional provisions on seat back for optional rear back bracing
- Available in a combination of carbon fiber/carbon Kevlar options
- Optional 3 piece seat pads in ultra suede or genuine Alcantara
- Optional colored pads available as “special orders”

Available Options: 

- T3 carbon fiber front/carbon fiber back
- T3 carbon Kevlar front/carbon fiber back
- T3 carbon fiber front/carbon Kevlar back
- Optional 3 piece seat pads (similar to the T1 seats)
- The Tecnocraft T3 is approx. 6.0lbs(2.73kgs).

Seat pads are available in both Black and Red Ultrasuede. Red is a Special ordered color).

Note - Tecnocraft representatives will call you if there's any additional shipping cost depending on location.