Tecnocraft T4 Dry Carbon Fiber Seat


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T4 Dry Carbon Fiber Seats
Tapping into over 25 years of professional race car composite fabrication experience Tecnocraft presents the T4 line of seats. A totally new seat designed for comfort, safety and support. Our latest sport seat incorporates a wider shoulder area for increased upper body support, reducing driver fatigue while another feature is the larger cut-out provisions for the safety harness adding comfort for those drivers sporting a wider stance.

Carbon FiberCarbon Kevlar

Fiber             Kevlar

The Tecnocraft T4 line of seats are constructed entirely of carbon fiber and/or carbon Kevlar with aerospace grade stiffeners, reinforcements and the latest epoxy resins to obtain the lightest weight and yield the highest strength possible. We also incorporated a certain reinforcement material known as Vectran®. Vectran is a liquid crystal polymer fiber that is primarily used in aerospace and military where high strength is desired. Using the best material available is how Tecnocraft can excel and produce a high quality seat that’s both strong and light. 

When you add up all the professional race technology and aerospace grade materials incorporated into the Tecnocraft T4 design, you'll quickly discover that the T4 is the strongest and lightest dry carbon fiber seat to the market. 

For nearly two decades the Tecnocraft lineage, heritage, and experience has embraced a singular philosophy rivaling only that of Formula One, Military Defense, and Aerospace carbon composite manufacturing: "function over form". Tecnocraft brand products are specifically developed for the exotic aftermarket niche - a chosen challenge by our in-house design team to continually meet the demands and expectations of the most discerning consumers in the motorsport industry today.


  • Seat pads are available in both Black and Red Ultrasuede. Red is a Special ordered color.
  • Tecnocraft representatives will call you if there's any additional shipping cost depending on location.