Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover 19-21 Toyota Corolla Hatchback


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The Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover for the 19-21 Toyota Corolla Hatchback is one of three center pieces from our E210 engine bay line up. Between the intake manifold cover, the engine cover, and coil pack cover, the intake manifold cover sits the most upfront. If you want to build from the middle out, this piece would be the most seen from the front of the hood. 

Care instructions: Please note that these parts finished in the natural dry carbon fiber, which does not include any UV-protectant clear-coat finish. Due to this being an exterior part we recommend to apply a coat of Spray-on Wax or Ceramic Coat to prevent water spots / white marks from appearing after rain or car wash. You can also optionally have a body shop apply the UV resistant clear-coat finish for added protection.

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