Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Header Heatshield (AP S2000)

Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Header Heatshield (AP S2000)


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“Shit! it’s hotter than your friend’s sister up in here” Well, that’s what the ghosts in the machine are saying as you redline your S2000 like you just stole it. Well if you need to cool things down you need this fly dry carbon fiber header heat shield, especially if you’re rockin an after market intake system. This part is a perfect compliment to our engine heat shield and Ram Air intake system!
  • 15 minute install
  • Super light dry carbon fiber plate blocks heat from front of engine bay
Care instructions: Please note that these parts finished in the natural dry carbon fiber, which does not include any UV-protectant clear-coat finish. Due to this being an exterior part we recommend to apply a coat of Spray-on Wax or Ceramic Coat to prevent water spots / white marks from appearing after rain or car wash. You can also optionally have a body shop apply the UV resistant clear-coat finish for added protection.

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