Tecnocraft Carbon Fiber '08-'11 BMW M3 E92 ENVY™ ChargePipe


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The ENVY™ ChargePipe eliminates the final and most important chokepoint in air intake charge while dramatically reducing turbulent airflow. Its extremely organic 100% Dry Carbon design allows for the largest and smoothest transition of air from the entire intake system, complimenting even the factory E9X ///M3 intake system where it is most needed. The ChargePipe is our featured highlight product of the ENVY™ intake system and is suggested by TECNOCRAFT to be the first investment towards a complete ENVY™ intake system if purchased as a standalone product. The ENVY™ ChargePipe has been specifically paired with a BMC filter as a perfect combination upgrade for the most noticeable throttle response, horsepower and torque gains of the entire ENVY™ system.